On Sunday, October 20th, CAB attendees will have the opportunity to attend pre-conference workshops. Nine outstanding submissions were invited to share their research in interprofessional care at CAB VII.

Pre-conference workshops are designed to offer a variety of academic intensive sessions providing extended opportunities for collaborative/hands-on experiences on a topic of interest to conference attendees or an opportunity for interaction around an emerging issue related to interprofessionalism.

Workshops are half-day in length, either at 8:30am – 11:30am EST or 1:00pm – 4:00 pm EST, at the JW Marriott Indianapolis. Attendees may stay all day for the two different sessions or choose one session.

In the morning session, there will be four workshops; each workshop highlights a specific CAB track (leadership, practice, education, policy). Below are the morning workshops.

  • Global leadership in IPECP research: An intro to co-creation of best practice guidelines
    • Track: Leadership
    • Presenters: Hossein Khalili (University of Wisconsin-Madison), John Gilbert (University of British Columbia), Andrea Pfeifle (Indiana University), Barbara Maxwell (A.T. Still University), Gail Jensen (Creighton University), Devin Nickol (University of Nebraska), Anthony Breitbach (Saint Louis University), Sharla King (University of Alberta), Kyle Warkentin (Thompson Rivers University), & Daniel Kamby (Indonesian Young Health Professionals’ Society
  • Building high performing teams: How inter-organizational partnerships to deliver competency-based team workshops can support collaborative practice & communities of care
    • Track: Practice
    • Presenters: Dean Lising, Elizabeth McLaney, Lynne Sinclair, Maria Tassone, & Belinda Vihena (University of Toronto), & Voula Christofilos (North York General Hospital)
  • Implementation of a longitudinal standardized patient encounter: How do you evaluate individual students and student teams?
    • Track: Education
    • Presenters: Shannon Cole, Melissa Hilmes, Pamela Waynick-Rogers, Rebecca Lofton, Donna Rosenstiel, Camellia Koleyni, Allison Walker, Sharon Fleming, & Danielle Stefko (Vanderbilt University)
  • Empathic design thinking: An innovative problem solving methodology for interprofessional practice
    • Track: Practice
    • Presenters: Bethany Coyne, Beth Quatrara, Elgin Cleckley, & Kathryn Mutter (University of Virginia)


After the morning workshops, CAB attendees will have a networking lunch buffet from noon to 1pm EST. During this time, workshop participants and attendees have time to meet and greet, exchange ideas, connect with colleagues from other universities, and much more.

The pre-conference programming will resume at 1PM with five workshops. Again, each workshop highlights a specific track. Below are the afternoon workshops.

  • Approaches to facilitate interprofessional team development among student learners, health professions faculty, and healthcare professionals
    • Track: Leadership
    • Presenters: John A. Owen, Beth Quatrara & Julie A. Haizlip (University of Virginia), Erin Blakeney (University of Washington), & Carla Dyer (University of Missouri)
  • Cards for humanity: Creating a new interprofessional game
    • Track: Education
    • Presenters: John Tegzes & Jasmine Yumori (Western University of Health Sciences)
  • Conflict engagement = Interprofessional collaboration: Practical strategies for healthcare professionals
    • Track: Education
    • Presenters: Jacqueline N. Font-Guzman, Cindy Costanzo, & Mary Lee Brock (Creighton University)
  • IPE via distance education: Pedagogical pathways spanning the distance
    • Track: Education
    • Presenters: Kathryn Hayward, Marion Brown, Noel Pendergast, Joanne Newell, Tammy Fancy, Marc Nicholson (Dalhousie University)
  • IPE/IPP/IPC: From practice to policy – and back again: Doing things right, for the right reasons
    • Track: Policy
    • Presenters: John Gilbert, University of British Columbia


To read the workshop descriptions, click here. With an excellent lineup of pre-conference workshops, attendees will no doubt find something of interest and/or valuable to their professional lives.

If you would like to attend a pre-conference workshop, there is an additional cost of $150 USD to your registration. Registration for these workshops is not included in the full conference registration fee. You can register by clicking here.

If you have already registered for the conference, but would like to attend the pre-conference workshops, please email cabvii@iu.edu, and the conference planning team will assist you.

We look forward to seeing you at the pre-conference workshops!