The CAB VII Executive and Program Committees have dedicated specific sessions on Tuesday, October 22, to recognize the students participating and attending the conference. The Committees have collaborated with a few Indiana universities to include engaging events to the conference program.

First, students will present their research during a special poster session. Trainees, fellows, residents, and students had the opportunity to submit an abstract to the “Student Poster Presentation” call. Those who attend the session will have the chance to talk and network with the students. At the end of the session, the CAB VII Co-Chairs will distribute awards to the top presenters. We look forward to highlighting those students who are doing remarkable work in the interprofessional field.

On Tuesday afternoon, students will have the opportunity to participate in the Collaborative Practice Competition, led by Manchester University Pharmacy Programs. The Collaborative Practice Competition began in 2016 when students, Pearl Pfiester (Class of 2016) and Rozette Fawzy (Class of 2018) had an idea to bring an interprofessional competition to Manchester; other students were instrumental in implementation of the competition as well.

Students will be grouped into interprofessional teams and will be handed a case at the start of the event. The students will have 10-minutes to develop an approach on how they are going to discuss the patient’s conditions with him or her. Each group of students will have 15-minutes to interview the standardized patient; then, they will have 30-minutes to develop a care plan for him or her. At the end of the 30-minutes, the group will present their plan to a panel of judges. At the conclusion of the event, the CAB Co-Chairs will announce the first, second, and third-place winners. Attendees will have the opportunity to watch the standardized patient interview, the development of the care plan, and the case presentation. The competition will be open for attendees during the entire session, so individuals can come and go as they please.

More details will be share in the coming months on the CAB VII’s website,